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Reusable, reconfigurable exhibits more "Green."
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Green Exhibiting: Interest in Green exhibiting options is high and growing

Based on a recent survey, a majority of exhibitors (62%) and suppliers (81%) rated their personal interest in Green exhibiting options as high or very high. And most exhibitors (62%) and suppliers (78%) say their interest will increase even further in the next 6 to 12 months.

What is driving this interest is more personal than professional. The top two reasons given, agreed upon by two-thirds of exhibitors, is that they "Consider environmentally-friendly practices the right thing to do" and that their "Personal interest in environmental and social causes in general has increased." So it's not so much that their bosses are telling them to go Green, it's more that they are doing it for themselves.

Adoption of Green exhibiting options is expected to grow

While 58% of exhibitors currently report that they spend some of their budget on Green options, exhibitors expect that to increase to 86% next year. The report identifies two sources of that growth: more formalized Green initiatives within exhibitor's companies, and more suppliers expanding their Green offerings.

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