Innovation, Design and Engineering

We at Skyline strive to create innovative products that help you exhibit better. We have a staff of over 20 degreed engineers and industrial designers that turn fresh ideas into effective new products. Skyline products are protected by the patents listed below.

Product LineDescriptionPatent No.
Mirage Hub 4,627,210
Mirage Support & brace 4,658,560
Reflex Frame design 4,727,994
Attaché Portable display case 4,919,259
Reflex Header 4,926,294
Formation F1100 design D 308,448
Formation Joint connection 4,934,858
Formation Table 4,941,717
Mirage Marquee header 4,945,706
Envoy Frameless portable display 4,991,813
End Panel Triangular with header D 317,469
Formation Coupler for tube frames 5,048,995
Header Fold up beam marquee 5,058,359
Reflex Platform table 5,078,284
Mosaic Interlocking pivoting hinge 5,092,385
Montage Hinged connector 5,105,594
Montage Display and hinge 5,115,855
Mosaic First folding frame 5,125,193
Mirage Connector quick release 5,148,648
End Panel Tapered design D 333,322
Formation Shock corded frames 5,195,839
Mirage Pivotal frame connector 5,203,134
Mirage Slidable foot-modular 5,203,126
Mosaic Shock corded frames 5,220,952
Mirage Counter design with header D 340,533
End Panel Conical D 343,420
Mirage Collapsible display tower 5,327,700
Mirage Counter design D 349,608
Globe Project Spherical grid 5,566,516
Globe Project Construction elevator 5,509,502
ps4000 Module panel and assy 5,768,845
ps4000 Panel fastener 5,624,200
SkyTruss Folding truss member 6,149,021
Inliten Display frame, 20' units DM/060 461
Inliten Display frame, 20' units D471,726
Engage Wire management 6,536,147
Engage Panel display system 6,543,164
Inliten Design patent, 20' models D472,719
Quest Hub 6,591,571
Inliten Elongated box frame assembly 6,615,562
Inliten 20' unit configuration D482,204
Inliten Display frame, 20' units D482,877
Inliten Screen mounting apparatus 6,659,159
Inliten Display frame, 20' models D485,995
Inliten Display with appurtenance attachment system 6,712,229
Inliten Design patent Inliten display D493,290
Inliten Elongated box frame assembly DE10297217T5
Inliten Screen mounting apparatus DE10297216T5
Inliten Display with appurtenance DE10297215T5
Inliten Modular multi-configurable system DE10297211T5
Inliten Design patent Inliten box D496,196
Inliten Display frame 20' unit D496,798
Inliten Design patent on multi box assembly D497,498
Skyline Literature Stand Literature stand D536,552
Inliten Display framework hub connector plate D534,064
Inliten Display portion D533,738
Inliten Modular multi-configurable display 7,143,553
Inliten Display portion D529,318
Inliten Display D524,063
Inliten Modular multi-configurable display system 7,040,064
Skyline Tube System Framework connection system 7,024,834
Skyline Tube System Tubular framework connection collar D516,417
Skyline Exhibit Crate 24 Storage and transport system for collapsible tradeshow displays6,951,283
Inliten Display D508,334
Skyline Tube System Display framework hub D508,396
Inliten Display D508,169
Skyline Tube System Tubular framework connection system D504,523
Engage Panel connector system 6,854,234
Skyline Tube System Display framework hub D500,246
Mirage Channel bar with spring loaded hub connector for a display framework6,829,869
Exalt Curved roll-up banner stand 7,337,567