FREE: 4 White Papers on Exhibition Outlook & Trends

Understand and adapt to changes in these 4 key industries

To help exhibitors better understand the market forces and significant trends affecting their trade show program, Skyline commissioned Tradeshow Week to write 4 White Papers that cover key industries.

These 16-page White Papers provide insight for each industry on the primary challenges facing these exhibitors, and the key themes for success in their changing trade show environment.

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Successful Exhibiting Strategies In Uncertain Times

This new 16-page White Paper gives you a fresh perspective on how you can go beyond just surviving to thrive in these challenging economic times. The answer to surviving this potential downturn is not to avoid exhibiting altogether, but instead to exhibit smarter.

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White Paper: International Exhibiting Trends & Outlook

This 24-page report provides experienced advice for U.S. exhibitors exhibiting at foreign events, U.S. exhibitors in U.S. events marketing to foreign attendees, and foreign exhibitors coming to U.S. events.

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Green Exhibiting: "An Inconvenient Booth"

This 12-page White Paper was produced by the Exhibitor Publishing Group, and sponsored in part by Skyline Exhibits. Itís based on survey responses from almost 500 exhibitors and over 100 exhibit industry suppliers. See how your peers and vendors perceive the obstacles and advantages of Green exhibiting.

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The Trend to Custom Modular Exhibits

This White Paper provides strong evidence that there is a continuing shift towards custom modular exhibits, because custom modular exhibits help lower operating costs and provide greater flexibility.

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